As the summer cycle draws to a closing Randy valentine and team creates new content for ever growing fanbase. Shot in local community Portland Road, Randy Valentine  showcases the "Joy On The Corner" shared amongst friends in a multicultural society. Randy flexes his lyrical prowess and flow mastery over dancehall riddims to bring to life something special for his audiences listening ear.

Filmed and Edited by Georgiana Chitea TROOTS MUSIC

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randy valentine
Randy Valentine - Warrior Ah Road Live in Australia/Melbourne

I love being a student of life, i love travelling and learning from my experiencies. I don't have all the answers and this beautiful. Through countless test and trials ive developed a level of confidence in my spirit that i tend use as fuel for my day to day happenings. Find that thing that ignites your fire, that thing you're uncontrollably passionate about, for I believe that doing what you love is a gateway to greater levels of joy and prosperity. Here I am at the Forum in Melbourne Australia alongside SLY DUNBAR, ROBBIE SHAKESPEARE, BOPEE BOWEN and more of the original members from the Havana Meets Kingston project. Making a statement and passing on the Ancestral frequencies that I've been blessed as a vessel to carry and share. WARRIOR AH ROAD. Special thank you to Julito Padron for writing such a beautiful horn line. I couldn't imagine that this song would go this far and it is just amazing how it continues to expand. They say i'm too transparent here, i say that's only a issue when having fake encounters. My advice is never tire from being yourself because humanity is going to rediscover its identity, not as a material being but a as a spiritual entity on a material journey. This will happen naturally. There is something non material expressing itself in our songs. Guided by our anscestors. We Thank you for listening. #WarriorAhRoad

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