Randy Valentine - Warrior Ah Road Live in Australia/Melbourne

I love being a student of life, i love travelling and learning from my experiencies. I don't have all the answers and this beautiful. Through countless test and trials ive developed a level of confidence in my spirit that i tend use as fuel for my day to day happenings. Find that thing that ignites your fire, that thing you're uncontrollably passionate about, for I believe that doing what you love is a gateway to greater levels of joy and prosperity. Here I am at the Forum in Melbourne Australia alongside SLY DUNBAR, ROBBIE SHAKESPEARE, BOPEE BOWEN and more of the original members from the Havana Meets Kingston project. Making a statement and passing on the Ancestral frequencies that I've been blessed as a vessel to carry and share. WARRIOR AH ROAD. Special thank you to Julito Padron for writing such a beautiful horn line. I couldn't imagine that this song would go this far and it is just amazing how it continues to expand. They say i'm too transparent here, i say that's only a issue when having fake encounters. My advice is never tire from being yourself because humanity is going to rediscover its identity, not as a material being but a as a spiritual entity on a material journey. This will happen naturally. There is something non material expressing itself in our songs. Guided by our anscestors. We Thank you for listening. #WarriorAhRoad